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Open Social at Lonely Planet – GTUG

Yesterday I attended the GTUG (Google Technology Users Group) in Melbourne for a talk by Julian Doherty on Open Social at Lonely Planet. Basically Lonely Planet have created their own community site using OpenSocial technology. They are using Shindig as the OpenSocial container but have built all the logic behind it in a Ruby on Rails application. Some interesting points in the presentation were

  • OAuth is handy but LP had problems implementing it at times, they decided to drop it for some of their own data access
  • A lot of their data like hotel locations they have opened up as a basic HTTP call just to make it dead simple to use and mash up
  • “Testing is a bitch” with developers needing to run their own Shindig container out of eclipse and a copy of the RoR app to get things up and running but ultimately a lot of things only come about with integration tests.
  • Getting things up is easy and uses a lot of dynamic HTML, JavaScript coding with apps being wrapped in some XML to be understood by the OpenSocial container
  • Quick demo of LonelyPlanet’s wave app trippy
  • Lonely Planet have found the OpenSocial platform very useful for internal development
  • Lonely Planet wants to encourage adoption and development of their OpenSocial platform through their first ever hack day

Lonely Planet is running a hack day for their OpenSocial API in conjunction with the GovHack in Melbourne this coming weekend. There are still spots so go and register at http://lplabs.com/ . Hope to see you there.

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