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Steve Hayes – Covey 7 habits applied to developers

My notes from Steve Hayes presentation at agile australia 2009.

  • individuals know all problems in project
  • communications need to improve -> People need to speak
  • problems and solutions these days are more complex
  • develop individuals is ket to agle team success
  • people motivation
    • good video of ted talk “Dan Pink

    • basic reward and recognition will not work
    • ie. if you do this you will get this DOES NOT WORK!!!
    • what to do?
    • Autonomy – self direction
    • Mastery – get better at what we do
    • Purpose – part of something large
  • Autonomy example – Atlassian FedEx days, hack days to deliver in 24 hours
    • things covered under Covey’s 7 Habits
    • use proactive language
    • be proactive to enlarge circle of influence
    • have the end in mind (what do you want to be rememberred for)
    • self awareness and re-script messages in your head
    • have personal mission statement
    • make sure company mission statement agrees with your own
    • have a team mission statement
  • put first things first
    • things in “important” and “not urgent” are strategic and should be worked on most
  • mentioned emotional bank account
    • ultimately led to story about Steve Hayes standing on table and yelling at LonelyPlanet workers (after 6 weeks of filling emotional bank account). This was in regard to no one doing anything about a broken build.
    • the team rule was back out broken build immediatley
  • talking stick
    • don’t give up the stick till everhone “understands” (not necessarily agrees) your points
    • ultimate test of this is to have some one else talk back what you mean in their own words.
  • renew – recover
    • sustainable production capability of individual and company
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