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A good measure of lead

February 3rd, 2008 No comments

Well I travelled on a larger highway and I must say that there was a lot more lead around then normal. I must have counted up around 15 chunks in 20 kms. Only problem with busy highways is that there is a lot more traffic around and I am less likely to want to hop off the bike to pick it up. The bag of goodies that I did get was a part of a ruler, an empty tin mints container and one bit of lead.

lead tin and ruler

The ruler can be part of my sons new interest in carpentry. Basically it is banging nails into wood with a hammer but I am sure he and his sister will find the ruler useful. It may be especially good in a situation where something needs the ruler attached permanently. The tin is good for one thing only, shielding radio frequencies from a circuit. Well I suppose it could be a container for many things. Radio frequencies are the interesting part and a basic receiver, band pass filter, amplifier or oscillator would be well suited. As already mentioned the lead is being collected to one day melt into a statue or something.

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Desperate times lead to desperate measures

February 2nd, 2008 No comments

Ok so it was only a short walk but if I can find more then Michael then I am the winner. I car wheel bolt and some kind of cap, maybe from a the end of some steel pipe or scaffolding.

cap and screw

Now any larger chunk of steel is “always” more useful then smaller bits :) I am sure it could be part of a treasure chest in the kids cubby, or hung on a mobile with an industrial theme.

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The middle ‘R’

February 2nd, 2008 No comments

The middle ‘R’ of what? well Reuse as in Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. This is a blog about exactly that.Before you get too excited about saving the planet and the like, this reuse is specific to real rubbish. The only thing that can come of rubbish is categorisation and analysis as may be carried out by a garbologist or rubbish itself. I will try to tow the fine line and make something useful from what most of us may not even notice.So where do I get my rubbish from? well its all around us isn’t it? I am not really going to go out of my way to collect, instead I will take the time to collect it on my travels, as I ride my bike along the gutter of roads. Yep this seems to be a prime spot to capture gems that have gathered at the side, fallen off the back or inside of a vehicle or just plain no idea how they have got there.So what can you expect to find in the gutter and in travel? well there is a lot of lead, chunks of it that usually adhere to a car rim to balance it, mobile phones in all sorts of state often fall out of windows or when left on top of the roof, antennas, containers, screws, washers, rulers, hammers, mirrors, reflectors, tent pegs and the list goes on.And how to reuse these items? well there are endless uses for many items. I am not sure if this blog will result in useful reuse beyond just catagorising and storing this rubbish. I am collecting the lead to reduce the impact on the environment of this heavy metal but ultimately to melt it and mold it into some kind of statue. I though about fishing sinkers but considering how easily these can be lost it seems rather counter productive, as does making lead soldier figurines for my 3 year old son to play with. I get most excited by electronics like mobiles and my favorite blogs on making stuff makezine and hack a day do not seem to go down to this low level of un-sophistication. I plan to try and rescue some chips or a motor from the vibrate facility and turn them into some kind of toy. 

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